this scene is the reason i breathe

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glee meme → [7/7] duets
love is a battlefield

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Story of My Life (Glee Cast Version)

This is lovely.  I love the way they hand first voice back and forth over the course of the song.

This is exquisite.  I also just really like this song, so.

Damn, this is gorgeous. 

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Men's Lookbook! - April

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I’m never the one who gets called first.
I’m never the best friend.
I’m never the one someone falls in love with.
I’m never the best at school.
I’m never the funniest person.
I’m never the most entertaining person at parties.
I’m never the one someone tells a story first.

I just exist. And I’m sick of it. 

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Theo James at the Divergent Premiere (3/18/14)


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